If the most pervasive attacks are ransomwares, if digital transformation is partly the cause and solution of their rise, how can we, at the regulatory, structural and technological level, address the threats of cyberspace?

Claudio De Paoli, Head of BIP CyberSec, spoke about this in the Innovation columns of SkyTg24’s deepening miniseries the “Il Verde e Blu”.

Guests of Alberto Giuffrè in the studios of Sky Italia, also Alessandro Manfredini – Group Security & CyberDefense of A2A and President of AIPSA, Gianmatteo Manghi – CEO of Cisco Italy, Anna Vaccarelli – Technological Director of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the CNR of Pisa and responsible for External Relations of Registro.it.

Let us start from the beginning.

Why are cyber attacks increasing?

There are at least three factors behind this phenomenon:

  • The spread of digital in all market sectors contributes to the expansion of the perimeter of possible attacks.

It is precisely the digital transformation – or rather, the lack of expertise in the digital transition by many institutions – that is the cause of the rise in cyber attacks.

  • Cyberspace is a virtual space comparable to international waters.

This is a transversal context compared to the domains in which the different nations operate. The prosecution of a crime in this virtual space is complex and requires coordinated action from all countries.

  • Cybercrime is favoured by a real (black) market.

This market, also virtual and anonymous, acts by the exchange of services and solutions and is enriched thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies, currencies that are not yet under government control.

It is an important fact that, in Italy alone, cyber attacks have grown by +169% in a single year, data confirmed by the CLUSIT report 2023. As De Paoli confirms, security technologies are not lacking, but it is a very fragmented market.

It is necessary to clarify which technologies are most suitable in cybersecurity to deal with attacks, especially in the government. It is necessary to rely on industry experts. While on the regulatory front there is a path that all nations are facing.

Claudio De Paoli

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