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We go beyond standard security

Assess your Cyber Risk

Discover imminent threats that could exploit the lack of governance and technology controls through our consulting and ethical hacking services

Adopt “Security by Design”

Build security and compliance by design approaches that can protect business critical information thanks to cyber security best-practices in all contexts (e.g., On-Prem, Cloud, OT-IoT)

Implement Smart Cyber Security Solutions

Implement solutions capable of mitigating security risks thanks to our partnerships with innovative vendors, and tailor their technologies to your business context and processes

Monitor your cyber security posture

Monitor cyber security awareness and measure Key Risk and non-Compliance Indicators (KRI/KnCI) that can support the prioritisation of security investments

Our journey started in 2013 in Italy, from the idea of two cutting-edge BIP partners desiring to make real impact in cyber risks management and protection, knowing that cyber security will be soon becoming a master issue for companies all over the world.

Today, CyberSec embraces over 300 highly-skilled professionals and operates in more than 13 countries, dealing with Security Strategy, Risk Management and numerous assessments of Industrial Plants in different fields (such as Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing etc).

You may ask us, “Where are you going next?”

We know Cyber Security is a challenge and to face it our teams continually develop new services and products able to respond to the greatest threat every company must came up against: the lack of resources for cyber defense and security.

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Our presence

Italy Milano, Roma, Mogliano Veneto, Bologna, Padova, Palermo

EMEA London, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Bruxelles, Lugano, Wien, Zug, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi

North America New York

South America São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá

World Map
Global Center, Italy
Off-shore, UAE
CyberSec, USA
CyberSec, UK
CyberSec, Iberia
CyberSec, Brasil
CyberSec, Belgium
CyberSec, Austria
CyberSec, Chile
CyberSec, Colombia
CyberSec, Turkey
CyberSec, Switzerland

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