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Re@ck Security Center

Adaptive, agile, automated 24/7 security operation center for threat management
Ra@ck=Respond to attack
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Do you want to speed up your response to cyber attacks?

Do you know how cyber threats are impacting your company’s business?

Whereas a typical SOC relies on time-consuming human analysis, the Re@ck Security Center combines BIP CyberSec’s DNA with Google Cloud technology to reduce Customers overload on investigation and information collection, and it implements a detection rule catalogue defined according to Customer’s actual cyber risks.


After a decade of security advising organisations which operate in all the main sectors, we are facing a change in the top management’s perception of cybersecurity threats. We know how to effectively mitigate cybersecurity risks, so we wondered how we can respond to these new expectations.

The answer is: the Re@ck Security Center, a cloud native, cutting-edge, fully managed 24/7 security operation center focused on responding to attacks!


Transform your Security Operations team’s potential by unleashing the power of your people, processes, and technologies to drive unparallel influence throughout your organization.


Get ready to elevate your team with BIP CyberSec top-notch managed services.

Monitor & Detect

Constantly monitor security events and promptly detect anomalies and security incidents

  • Log Monitoring
  • Event Detection
  • Security Triage
Monitor and Detect malicious activities Re@ck Security Center
Respond to attack Re@ck Security Center


Improve protection capabilities from attacks and threats, enhancing the security level of company assets

  • Security Alerting
  • Incident Escalation
  • Incident Response

Threat Management

Adapt to dynamic environments and change security monitoring strategy according to new threats, vulnerabilities and risks

  • Early Warning
  • IoC Integration
  • Retrospective Analysis
Threat Management Re@ck Security Services
Security Management Re@ck Security Center

Security Management

Maximize detection on «known» attacks and minimize the “noise” generated by false positives

  • Detection Rules management
  • Playbook Management
  • Security Device Management

Service Governance

Provide security operation trends and results to main stakeholders and constantly monitor the overall company risk exposure

  • Top Management and Technical Reporting
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Service Review Meetings
  • Continuous Improvement
Service Governance Re@ck Security Center
Value-added Services Re@ck Security Center

Value-added Services

The Re@ck Security Center can include other BIP CyberSec services to provide an end-to-end Security Operation Center

  • War Room Management
  • Digital Forensics
  • Intelligence Services:
    • VIP Monitoring
    • Data and Credential Leak Monitoring
    • Anti-phishing
    • Brand Monitoring


BIP Re@ck Security Center’s architecture is based on three core modules (ManagementIntelligence & Monitoring Engines) which guarantee best-in-class technology stack and BIP CyberSec cybersecurity expertise.

Re@ck Security Center Architecture


  • Playbook management
  • API management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Authentication & Authorization


  • Early Warning
  • Threat Intelligence & IoC
  • Threat Hunting


  • Chronicle SIEM
  • Chronicle SOAR
  • Ticketing systems
  • Reporting, dashboard and KPI


  • Wide range of supported device types and vendors, including multi-vendor cloud-based environment
  • Planet-scale distributed system for storing and analyzing all enterprise security telemetry
  • At fixed price (per users, not based on volume of data ingested)
  • Detection in real-time at Google speed, on entire telemetry till 12 months of online events
  • Rich, extensible Unified Data Model for event taxonomy, including Asset and User
  • Data correlation across common entities to analyze telemetry faster
  • IoC integration to drive efficiencies and to enable faster search
  • Correlate different security events into one unique security incident using machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Minimize time to respond
  • Minimize Customer effort in managing SOC outcome
  • Easily apply playbook to automatically respond to incident
  • Interaction with other source to enrich the analysis and  engage impacted owners through trouble ticketing systems
  • Free resources for “unknown” research (Threat Hunting)
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