Implementing innovative cybersecurity technology solutions


“Is my cybersecurity strategy ready to enable an enterprise journey to the cloud?”

Every modern business is dealing with technology transformations, adopting some form of cloud computing services. This often leads organisations to struggle staying ahead of the attackers. The imperative is to implement a new set of Cyber Security defenses as quickly as possible; a rush that could result in misconfigurations, security gaps and roadblocks.


BIP’s professional Cyber Security team supports businesses and organisations in transforming cloud journey roadblocks into opportunities, managing and assessing complex hybrid cloud service systems, networks, APIs, and data by adopting a data centric security by design approach.

With the purpose to help businesses and organisations towards cloud migration and technology transformations, we have developed a list of key services addressing their needs:

Cloud Security Strategy

Definition of a Cloud Security Strategy, including objectives for cloud services’ protection and from which a Cloud Security Framework is defined, in order to set main cloud security controls from organisational, processes and technical point of view

Cloud Security Design and Integration

Supporting the customer to design and implement cloud services with security-by-design approach, leveraging BIP Cloud Security Reference Architecture and integration with cloud security solutions

Cloud Security Assessment

Assessment of the cloud security posture, in order to identify maturity levels in terms of People, Processes and Technology, using an integrated Cloud control Framework based on international standards

Cloud Data Protection

Design and Implementation of Key Management solutions to manage data encryption keys in multi-cloud hybrid environments according to EU Privacy Regulation and enabling data sovereignty principles


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“How can we enable employees, suppliers and customers to utilise our innovative digital services whilst respecting all applicable regulations and avoiding identity theft or other cyber threats?”

Modern organisations of today are dealing with digital identity which is one of the most important aspects in securing enterprise data and digital assets as a barrier against malicious or disruptive activity.


BIP CyberSec’s expert team provides support to modernise your identity and access management system in order to reduce risks by focusing on security, enablement & automation thus defining a suited trust model.

We can help customers by offering a broad portfolio of services, including Design and Implementation of a digital identity framework as well as solutions to secure sensitive access across the organisation (e.g., Privileged Access Management (PAM), strong authentication, session monitoring and password/secrets management).

In order to respond to our customer needs in a modular and structured way, we frame our services to cover the 4 key domains in the field of identity and access management:

Identity Management

services allowing organisations to protect their people and data, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce costs, and provide a simplified and enhanced experience for users

Identity Governance

services and technology solutions allowing organisations to verify that the right controls are in place to meet the security and segregation of duties requirements, We support customer in developing consistent business processes for request, review and approve access, all underpinned by a common policy, risk model and role. With a role-based access control (RBAC), our customers significantly reduce the cost of compliance, while managing cyber risk. Moreover, we can enable business and IT users to identify risky employee populations, policy violations and inappropriate access privileges and to remediate these risk factors.

Access Management

services and technological solutions that secures the access of employees and suppliers of the company (privileged or not), as well as guarantee a simplified user experience with a high standard of security for customer access to business applications. With the use of this type of solution, it becomes easier to identify and mitigate the risks associated with fraud by implementing controls that prevent account takeover attacks.

Secret and Key Management

services and technology solutions that help the organisation to comply with internal policies, eliminating hardcoded secrets, enforcing password complexity and logging secret usage. Credential security can be built into the DevOps lifecycle, thus reducing abuse risk and internal attacker scenarios.


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“How can I protect my Organisation’s data in a modern Hybrid IT environment?”

Data and information represent one of the key assets of every company. The uncontrolled disclosure of confidential information is one of the top risks to be addressed considering regulation requirements (e.g. GDPR, PCI-DSS, Data Privacy and potential impacts on reputation, disclosure of intellectual property and lack of competitiveness.

The transition to cloud services and the extension of the supply chain require the implementation of granular controls on data and information whilst enabling secure collaboration among the parties involved.


BIP CyberSec’s professionals help client organisations construct the correct data protection strategy with focus on integration of security requirements and business enablement.

Our team can support organisations of all sizes with a granular and suited approach that secures the organisation’s data by design, reducing risk and promoting collaboration within the company and third parties.

Bip CyberSec defined an end-to-end Data Security methodology from the mapping of information at process level to the implementation of technical controls. The building blocks of this strategy include the following items:

  • Data Classification
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Governance
  • Data Masking
  • Data Protection
  • Cloud Data Protection
  • Secure Collaboration and Data Sharing

Bip CyberSec can support organisations throughout the entire data security journey, or, can help in addressing specific needs both from a process and a technology perspective.


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“How can I assess and enhance the industrial cyber security posture in my organisation?”

Exposing obsolete and unsecured assets on the industrial network  is a concrete risk for organisations. That’s why our team at Bip CyberSec developed a structured approach to guide your company through the Industry 4.0 transition.


We can help you gain complete asset visibility and assess the risks of your operations and supply chain, in line with best-in-class standards (e.g. IEC 62443; NIST 800-82) and according to applicable regulations.

We successfully support our clients in reviewing network architectures and selecting and implementing the security solutions on the market that best fit their needs. We remain at their side to equip them with the skills and technologies needed to prevent, monitor and respond to security incidents in an industrial environment where continuity of operations is paramount.

In order to satisfy our customer needs in a holistic and modular way, we developed a comprehensive Service Catalog to implement a complete best-in-class ICS Security Management Model, structured in 4 domains essential for the industrial environment.

Measure & Govern

to establish the foundation for a solid and efficient Cyber Security program

Starting from activities to perform a complete technological and organisational assessment, we evaluate the Cyber Security maturity level in managing industrial sites and identify all actions needed to achieve an efficient target operating model. With our teams of experts we can not only lead the design of security processes, measures and procedures but also support the effective day-by- day execution (e.g. supply chain assurance, FAT/SAT requirement definition, vulnerabilities discovery).

Design & Deploy

to promote security by design for your networks and assets 

Our Design & Deploy services are aimed at reviewing the existing architecture thus identifying improvement areas and providing a clear and concise path for securing the entire ICS environment. In this journey we support our clients in identifying the best-in-class ICS security technologies (Microsoft, Splunk, RSA, TrenMicro, McAfee, …) providing high-level and low-level design, implementation and the development path.

Monitor & Detect

to move towards a proactive attitude to defends against threats and intrusions.

To improve the defence capabilities, we developed services and technologies aimed at providing support and tools to monitor perimeters and to  detect and manage events. We acquired in-depth knowledge and extensive capabilities in the Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Digital Forensics activities.

We are also able to define  SOC/CSIRT processes and services.

A key component of this area is our xDefense platform that enables the organization to gain real time visibility on assets and network within the industrial environment.

Prepare & Train

to address the human factor in Cyber Security by raising awareness and improving skills

We are able to provide tailored awareness sessions and specific training aimed both at educating personnel on cyber risks associated to the industrial environment, and at gaining the necessary capabilities to help protect the OT environment.

The training session can also include the simulation of cyber attack scenarios, to train and test people, procedures and technologies in a safe and controlled environment.


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“Who can help us in the adoption of complex security technologies required by digital transformation?”

BIP CyberSec’s Security Architecture SWAT Team is a strategic Technology Service Organisation that can be engaged in a short time at all geographies in order to design and implement highly technical security solutions, such as Privilege Access Management, Secure DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) etc.


Our elite and specialised framework, model and team provides Technology consulting services to our valued clients.

Bip CyberSec Architects are fully certified in the Technology Solution of our Partners and hold over 10 years’ experience in delivering those solutions to customers across the Globe and within many Industry vectors.

The service delivery framework meets all the stakeholder’s needs, with key supporting steps, that enable our team to successfully drive customer ventures to the agreed upon outcome.

Bip CyberSec Architects cover the following service areas:

  • Professional Services Operations Support
  • Cyber Security Program and Service Management
  • Cyber Security Technologies Architecture & Design
  • Cyber Security Platforms Deployment & Implementation
  • Cyber Security Platforms Monitoring & Management
  • Cyber Security Architects Residency Services
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