Security Intelligence, third parties evaluation and risks mitigation

Providing structured processes to manage cybersecurity and physical security.

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Cyber Security Governance


The customer is one of the main italian operators in the gas distribution and currently involved in the sustainable energy transition to allow decabonization within Europe. Company is operating in the main italian cities, governing approximately 35% of gas distribution activities and services in Italy.


The Customer considers cybersecurity as one of the most relevant areas to be tackled in order to comply with regulations and protect its most relevant assets, including clients’ information.
The main objectives included the improvement of the overall governance of cybersecurity, the increase of security intelligence capabilities and integration of physical security with cybersecurity processes.
In order to achieve his objectives, the customer selected BIP CyberSec as a strategic partner to implement security governance within the Group.


Based on our Cyber Security Governance offering, we supported the customer in the following streams:

  • Security Governance: definition and update of documental framework related to Information Security with the objective to reinforce the role of cybersecurity within the Company
  • Security intelligence: improvement of the level of capabilities to identify and prevent any potential event (e.g. gas strike, third parties issues) that might impact the business activities in terms of operational delay and brand reputation damage
  • Security processes integration: definition of an integrated framework to manage cybersecurity and physical security events and incidents

We supported the customer in the activation of security governance within the company, providing structured processes to manage cybersecurity and physical security. We also assisted the customer in the operational activities related to security intelligence providing support to improve the overall management of third parties evaluation and risks mitigation.


New Integrated Information Security Model

That included cybersecurity and physical security

More than 500 information per month

Analyzed to verify business impact

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