Third party risk rating

A risk based approach to managing vendors

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Cyber Security Governance


Third parties are an important key to a company's success. Organizations of all sizes are increasingly relying on third parties for innovation, growth and digital transformation. However, a heavy reliance on third parties can be risky. The identification of third parties risk profile is fundamental to define the risk profile, the resilience and the reputation of a company supported by these third parties.
To safeguard the information assets from the early stages of the process, organizations must evaluate the criticality of suppliers from a security point of view through objective tools. This allows our clients to adjust their own strategy and define subsequent actions on the basis of what emerged during the analysis.


By a tailored approach, we can support our customer to objectively evaluate the criticality of suppliers from a security point of view using specific criteria.
The methodology we offer also allows for a ranking of suppliers in order to identify the most critical from a security point of view.
Only in this way, organizations can have a suppplier risk based overview that allows to correctly target and prioritize the actions to be taken to ensure a high level of security.


A well designed third party risk rating process is a key component of a comprehensive overall third party risk management program.
This type of rating, using objective risk factors, can help avoid disruptions by third parties, which can have a high impacts to an organization including: operating
performance, direct financial cost, addition of resources and lack of support. Application of the risk based methodology can also ensure effective resource allocation.



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