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Audit and certify your conformity in Data Protection with EuroprivacyTM/®

BIP CyberSec has been selected and qualified as EuroprivacyTM/® official partner by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy. Europrivacy is  approved by The European Data Protection Board as European Data Protection Seal to assess and certify the compliance of all sorts of data processing under the GDPR and complementary national data protection regulations.

We support and prepare our clients for certifying the conformity of their data processing activities with Europrivacy and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order to:

A GDPR by Design Certification

The GDPR contains over 70 references to certification as a means to demonstrate the conformity of processing activities with the European regulation, including for selecting data processors with adequate level of data protection and for authorizing cross-border data transfers.

Non-conformity with the GDPR carries important legal and financial risks, which are hidden costs until a company is fined (up to 4% of its worldwide turnover). A GDPR certification reduces legal and financial risks and can save substantial costs.

Europrivacy certificates demonstrate your company commitment to protect personal data and to be a trustable service provider for its customers, as well as a reliable data processor for its business partners. It will position your company as a front-runner in data protection with a strong competitive advantage on the market.

16 Good Reasons to Choose Europrivacy

Your Smart Journey to GDPR Certification

BIP CyberSec will drive you to the Europrivacy certification of your data processing activities following these steps:

  • 1. Document and prepare the analysis of personal data processing activities selected for certification,  Target of Evaluation. (c.d. Certification Guidance);

  • 2. Prepare the selected data processing for certification by documenting their conformity;
  • 3. Support remediation in case of residual non-conformities;

  • 4. Bring the selected processing activities to certification by an independent Certification Body;

  • 5. Elaborate a certification plan for the remaining priority data processing to be certified;

  • 6. Give you access to continuous updates on European and national requirements related to personal data protection in order to maintain and enhance your conformity.

Why choose BIP CyberSec

Thanks to our extensive experience spread across various areas of Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance, we have been working with leading clients, both national and international, for numerous years.

Our Leading Services

Preliminary Check

Preliminary Check

Preliminary assessment of the company’s maturity regarding personal data processing, aimed at identifying processes that can be certified and implementation timelines.

  • Quick Assessment
  • Europrivacy Overview
  • Privacy & Data Protection introcuction

Certification Pack

Certification Pack

Support service for obtaining certification, necessary to assist the client from the document collection phase, through Gap Analysis, and support during the OdC verification phase (integrated with Europrivacy services).

  • Welcome Offer
  • Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Implementation check
  • Certification Support

Nocar Assessment

Nocar Assessment

Supplementary service for preparing the National Obligation Conformity Assessment Report (NOCAR).

  • National Obligation evaluation
  • Legal Assessment
  • Report presentation

Remediation Pack

Remediation Pack

Supplementary service for implementing identified remediation measures to produce the necessary evidence to meet the requirements of the certification scheme.

  • Remediation Plan
  • Priority Analysis
  • Gap Resolution
  • Compliance Documentation

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Supplementary service for ongoing support after certification, aimed at assisting the client in maintaining the certification and in surveillance and recertification activities.

  • Legal & Compliance updates
  • Audit Support
  • Recertification quick preparation

Complementary Pack

Complementary Pack

Optional offer developed during the initial certification process to estimate the certification of treatments related to those already within scope, with reduced costs and effort due to the use of information obtained from previously conducted assessments.

  • Proposal for other processing activities to be certified
  • Assessment & Gap Analysis plan
  • Elapsed time estimation
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Our Team

The Data Protection & Privacy Advisory team collects specialists with both legal and technological skills, to offer a wide range of services and solutions for data protection compliance, fulfilling support, control, advisory, training and information functions regarding the application of the GDPR and national legislation, based on established skills, tools, methodologies and model.

Ivano Pattelli
Ivano Pattelli
Privacy & Security Principal
Dario Marchese
Dario Marchese
Privacy & Security Manager
Michele Gallante
Michele Gallante
Privacy & Data Protection Manager
Marialetizia Pipitone
Marialetizia Pipitone
Privacy & Data Protection Lawyer

Team’s Privacy & Compliance Certifications

In addition to Europrivacy, our team is trained with the best-known sector certifications, such as:

  • Certified Information Privacy Professional (IAPP – CIPP/E);

  • Privacy Officer and Privacy Consultant – TUV Italy

  • Privacy Assessor UNI 11697:2017 – AICQ Sicev;

  • European Privacy Expert ISDP10003 – Inveo;

  • Lead Auditor ISO/IEC 27001- Information Security Management Systems and ISO/IEC 27701 – Privacy Information Management Systems;

  • CSA Star Auditor (Cloud Security and Privacy Governance and Compliance;


The Europrivacy certification scheme has been developed through the European research programme (financed by the European Commission) to address the specific obligations of the GDPR and to serve as official certification scheme under article 42 of the GDPR. It has been developed in close collaboration with national supervisory authorities. It is managed and continuously updated by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) in Luxembourg and its International Board of Experts in data protection.
Europrivacy enables to assess and certify the conformity of data processing activities with the GDPR and complementary national and domain specific obligations. Applicable to all sorts of data processing, including emerging technologies, it enables to document, assess and certify their conformity with the GDPR and complementary national data protection regulations. It enables you to select priority data processing activities and progressively certify them once they are ready.
Europrivacy is closely aligned with ISO standards and complements management system certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001 or 27701. While the latter enable to certify the quality of an information management system, Europrivacy has been designed to certify the conformity of data processing activities with the GDPR and complementary national data protection regulations. It is the first scheme to have been proposed by a European national data protection authority to be officially endorsed by the EU as European certification scheme under the Art. 42 of the GDPR.
Europrivacy is delivered by qualified Certification Bodies gathering the adequate legal and technical expertise. The certification is aligned with the applicable ISO/IEC 17065 and 17021-1 principles. It combines various methodologies, such as documentation review, sampling analysis, technical tests, inspections, and interviews. Delivered certificates can be verified and authenticated on the public Europrivacy Registry, enhanced with Blockchain technology.

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Europrivacy is an international trademark registered in several jurisdictions

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