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Cybersecurity Academy


Our client has the duty to assure the urgent technical rescue, even in events in which non-conventional substances are involved and to carry out fire prevention services.


By virtue of the ever-increasing cyber threat environment due to geopolitical context, regulatory obligations and the desire to equip territorial staff with cybersecurity training programmes, The client asked to BIP to develop a program aimed to increase cybersecurity awareness and skills of IT personnel managing territorial IT Services. In particular the client asked BIP CyberSec to develop a wide and multidisciplinary cybersecurity training program allowing target audience to both increase awareness and skills in IT day-to-day tasks activities.


A multidisciplinary path has been developed in order to meet audience needs, more focused on technical aspects of Cybersecurity (e.g. Network and infrastructure Security, Security by Design, Vulnerability Management, etc.), providing also an overview on governance topics (e.g. Cyber Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, etc.). Any learner has been provided with 72 learning hours covering all cybersecurity topics. The training program was design to mix class-based theoretical lessons with labs and exercises to make acquired knowledge actionable into day-by-day activities. A final test has proven the improvements in terms of awareness and know-how increase, with respect the initial assessment.


The courses have engaged the target by generating interest for treated topics. Thanks to a multidisciplinary program, the courses enabled an increase of cybersecurity awareness on several aspects of the matter.

On the other hand, the courses have served as a basis to integrate cyber security into day-to-day activities, thanks to interactive activities such as exercise and labs. Target actively participate in sessions to learn how to apply security best practices into real life scenarios.


+ 250

IT local Personnel involved and trained

+ 500

Overall learning hours


Cybersecurity Courses delivered

+ 20

BIP CyberSec Expert Trainers mobilized

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