In recent news articles and publications, the undeniable need for business continuity and organisational resilience as a must have for organisations has been identified as a key requirement for a organisation’s success.

Agwu Nwoke | Partner BIP UK

Agwu Nwoke Partner BIP UK

This is more pertinent for particular sectors especially as organisations in those areas are under obligation to evidence their ability to ‘withstand shocks’.

My main takeaway from this? Not only does risk management go hand in hand with business continuity and organisational resilience, but also, and quite importantly, that organisations need to continually assess their resilience and not just in a siloed aspect. All too often we see that although a business continuity plan, a disaster recovery plan, or both, might be in place, the testing of these plans are rarely performed, if at all. Organising your business’ resilience and conducting the appropriate type and frequency of testing is a key requirement in today’s climate.

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